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My download will not load. I am trying to play on The C64 mini. This is the very first game I've ever downloaded/paid for on If it will not work, can I get my money back?


Hi! Sorry you’re having trouble. The truth is that Lily Lander was our first ever C64 game and made on a short deadline for a gamejam, so it’s missing a “fast-loader”, something to load the software quickly with a launch screen.

As such, the game takes several minutes to load, and without a real disk drive chuttering away at you there might be no evidence the game is loading until it finally does. If you try loading it and it takes more than 5 minutes, something else must be wrong.

I have looked around to see if I could issue a refund, but I don’t see the option at first glance. If the software still will not work on TheC64 mini, I will do my best to find a way to refund your purchase.


I'll give it another try and be more patient. 

THANKS so much for your kind reply! No refund needed. Please keep coding!



Fun little game. I hope to see more from pandas with turtle shells.


Thanks for your submission to the assembler competition. This game is 100% pure assembler...! Fantastic...! Now I am going to test in FreeDOS and the VICE emulator...; My submission will be only 50% (Most of the work was made for Michael Kamburelis and Castle Engine, many years ago)

It does take a minute or two to load. I didn't know C64 games could be played through the browser like that. My best score was 38. :/


I saw "ready", but i can't see any gameplay.

Sometimes the emulator doesn’t type “RUN”. Try typing RUN followed by enter.


Browser version just loading...


It takes like 3 minutes to load, because it’s a C64 game without a fastloader. 🙃


Excellent, fun little game with gorgeous graphics!