The emulator above is VICE.js, a javascript port of VICE available here.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it to allow us to emulate a C64 in the browser!
Note about browser play: loading can take a long time.  For a better experience, download the disk file below and run it on your computer with VICE or other C64 emulator.

A one-button game of jump timing for the Commodore C64

An endless game of leaping from one lilypad to the next!

A true 8-bit modern retrogame, coded in machine language from scratch, Lily Lander boasts real pixel art credentials.


  • PAL C64 (chill mode)
  • NTSC C64 (not-so-chill mode)
  • Play in browser (new! - 12/5/19)
  • C64 Emulator
  • or, a MISTer loading the C64 core

Joystick button 1 or spacebar to play


About Development

Lily Lander is a Game Off 2019 entry and was entirely programmed, designed, and created during the month of November 2019 by Turtlepanda, a game development duo. All code, art, and music are original.

Special thanks to Robin from 8-Bit Show And Tell for last-minute feedback and playtesting!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

LilyLander.d64 170 kB
Lily Lander Preview 1 (GitHub)
Lily Lander Preview 2 (GitHub)

Development log


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Fun little game. I hope to see more from pandas with turtle shells.


Thanks for your submission to the assembler competition. This game is 100% pure assembler...! Fantastic...! Now I am going to test in FreeDOS and the VICE emulator...; My submission will be only 50% (Most of the work was made for Michael Kamburelis and Castle Engine, many years ago)

It does take a minute or two to load. I didn't know C64 games could be played through the browser like that. My best score was 38. :/


I saw "ready", but i can't see any gameplay.

Sometimes the emulator doesn’t type “RUN”. Try typing RUN followed by enter.


Browser version just loading...


It takes like 3 minutes to load, because it’s a C64 game without a fastloader. 🙃


Excellent, fun little game with gorgeous graphics!