The emulator above is VICE.js, a javascript port of VICE available here.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it to allow us to emulate a C64 in the browser!
Note about browser play: loading can take a long time.  For a better experience, download the disk file below and run it on your computer with VICE or other C64 emulator.

A one-button game of jump timing for the Commodore C64

An endless game of leaping from one lilypad to the next!

A true 8-bit modern retrogame, coded in machine language from scratch, Lily Lander boasts real pixel art credentials.


  • PAL C64 (chill mode)
  • NTSC C64 (not-so-chill mode)
  • Play in browser (new! - 12/5/19)
  • C64 Emulator
  • or, a MISTer loading the C64 core

Joystick button 1 or spacebar to play


About Development

Lily Lander is a Game Off 2019 entry and was entirely programmed, designed, and created during the month of November 2019 by Turtlepanda, a game development duo. All code, art, and music are original.

Special thanks to Robin from 8-Bit Show And Tell for last-minute feedback and playtesting!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

LilyLander.d64 170 kB
Lily Lander Preview 1 (GitHub)
Lily Lander Preview 2 (GitHub)

Development log


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This is messed up.

Did I steal your Name or you stole mine?

Which name are you referring to? Lily Lander? We did our best to search the net for any previous reference to this phrase to no avail. Is there something we can help you with?

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Well... hard to explain. I created my account last year in summer and called it turtlepandagames. But after realising, that you have the same name, I know finally dexided to change mine… But whatever… everything's fine now, right?

Right now you can still see the Name turtlepandagames on my itch page

How strange! We actually searched for turtlepandagames before we released our first game last year, but didn’t find you! We’ll send you a message and see if we can’t clear things up.

It's fine, I was going to change my name anyway. 

But it's pretty messed up (my itch page), because I stopped using itch for about a year, because I focused on learning how to master Unity (didn't get There yet). :D


Fun little game. I hope to see more from pandas with turtle shells.


Thanks for your submission to the assembler competition. This game is 100% pure assembler...! Fantastic...! Now I am going to test in FreeDOS and the VICE emulator...; My submission will be only 50% (Most of the work was made for Michael Kamburelis and Castle Engine, many years ago)

It does take a minute or two to load. I didn't know C64 games could be played through the browser like that. My best score was 38. :/


I saw "ready", but i can't see any gameplay.

Sometimes the emulator doesn’t type “RUN”. Try typing RUN followed by enter.


Browser version just loading...


It takes like 3 minutes to load, because it’s a C64 game without a fastloader. 🙃


Excellent, fun little game with gorgeous graphics!