Reminder, Lily Lander is OPEN SOURCE!

In light of the fact that C64 software will be intro’d, trainer’d and modded, I’d like to remind everyone that this game is and always will be FREE!

Additionally, it’s Open Source, meaning anyone can see how the game is built and modify it for their own uses. That’s what the #GitHubGameOff was about: promoting open source endeavors in game development.

In case you run into these old versions floating around, labeled as “cracked”, remember that you can get the exact same game disk without the intro on GitHub. You could even modify the game source code to make your trainer. It’s a greater feat than correctly configuring exomizer and selecting from an intro library.

It’s more rewarding, too. I promise :)


Lily Lander Preview 1 (GitHub)
Dec 02, 2019
Lily Lander Preview 2 (GitHub)
Dec 02, 2019

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